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Jody was a chef for 20 years, focusing on organic, healthy foods. She was infatuated with the way things were grown, sourcing from sustainable, organic farms. After all, she grew up in a garden next to the sea, alongside her mother and grandmother. No chemicals or pesticides needed, due to her grandmother's knowledge of the old ways.
A love for the earths provision and love of the wise, ancient ways grew, as she did. 
Jody then went on to be an estate manager- for 11 years. Managing and caring for the organic property and botanical garden were part of her responsibilities.
So, in full circle, Jody's practice is working in harmony with nature with creative, earth-centered gardening and designs. 
She is constantly researching and striving to make the earth a thriving, less toxic, healthier place.
A landscape company that has a conscience. A company you can depend on. A company that treats you and our employees like family. 
We are the start of a revolution in an industry that has gone astray. Never a chemical, doing no harm to any living creature. Creating thriving, outdoor sanctuaries.
Wild Heritage Gardens and Design is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of natural land solutions, working with leading environmental scientists and soils experts. Working alongside the best proven contractors in the area. Working with respect for the earth and utilizing the ancient solutions it offers.
We serve conscientious clients in Boulder County and strive to be the premier boutique landscaping and project management company in the area.

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