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Garden Maintenance

Enjoy a beautiful, thriving outdoor living space with the help of our knowledgeable and dedicated gardening team. 


Routine maintenance clients are relieved of the stressful parts of gardening and left with only the joy and enjoyment of their outdoor space all season long.

Our team will visit your property weekly, bi weekly, or monthly to:

  • Check all plants for health: treating diseases, ensuring correct watering, and applying all-natural treatments or foods when needed

  • Remove all weeds and suckers (as time allows)

  • Trim, prune and dead-head all plants for health and aesthetic

  • Clear any encroaching plants from covering walkways, and creating definition between plants

  • Rearrange trailing vines and creepers ensuring they are being trained properly

  • Tidy up patio furniture, and clear out living spaces of debris

  • Sweep or blow all areas to make neat, clean and tidy

  • Check all irrigation line placement, cover when possible

  • Make changes to irrigation emitters and lines as needed

  • Complete final walk-through and log notes

  • Update client after visit via email

Additional Services We Offer:
Spring + Fall Cleanup
Mulching / Mulch Ref
Breeze Path Refreshers
Rose and Shrub Feeding
Spring + Fall Bulb Planting
Weed Cloth Removal
Garden Planting Projects + Design
Winter Watering

If you would like more information on our gardening program, or to check availability in your area prior to scheduling a consultation please click the button below to email our Gardening Manager

All aspects of your gardens will be cared for with our team nourishing your space.

We will alert clients immediately if there are any issues or concerns,

and offer possible solutions. 

Let the Wild Heritage Gardeners manage your gardens,

exceed your expectations,

and attend to your unique needs!


For more information or to schedule a walkthrough with our

Gardening Manager please click the link below or send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you and working with your space! 

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