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Favorite Plant Of The Month: February

Every now and then there are plants that just stop you in your tracks!

They leave you in awe and yearning to learn more about them.

My most recent encounter with this was last Spring during a beautiful snow storm; when I happened upon a glorious yard filled with Hellebores!

It was snowing - and they were blooming!!

Unfortunately my camera was at home; so I rushed back as soon as I could and imagine that - the Colorado sun had already wiped away any sign of the sweet snow.

Talk about a "confusing" plant!

Everything I've ever known, is that blooms happen when it is blazing hot and full blown Summer. Seeing these cuties peeking out from under their snow blankets warmed my heart and continues to do so; now that I know to look for them!

Hellebores are a magical plant that actually thrive and bloom during the colder months. They begin to bloom in the late Winter and continue through early Spring. As someone who loves interest in their garden year round - these sure make for a beautiful Winter addition to bring in a burst of life.

Did You Know?

Hellebores have the common name of Lenten Rose because they bloom around the beginning of Lent.

Hellebores come in a wide variety of colors: white, green, pink, apricot, purple, and spotted are some of my favorite options.

When purchasing a Hellebore for your garden it is best to do so while they are in bloom so you can ensure the color and shape of the flowers are exactly what you desire.

Hellebores are truly a gift to us during Winter.

Bringing in light while reminding us of the warmth and array of color to come!


Tell me about your most recent plant discovery

for a chance to be featured in our next "Plant of The Month" blog!

Happy Searching for New and Exciting Plants!!

- Chante, GM & Lead Gardener

Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

Unless noted, all photos by Chante Ash©

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