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Why Pollinators Want You To Kill Your Lawn!

We have been taught for ages to admire and yearn for the "perfect" green grass lawn. The richer and deeper the green, the better! Which often leads to the use of many chemicals and additives to create this, false, sense of a healthy looking lawn.

Paul Robbins, director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at UW Madison was quoted in the New York Times as saying “The era of the lawn in the West is over.”

Classic Turf Grass Lawns are a monoculture environment which create un-natural microclimates that lead to food deserts and lack of nesting space/safety for insects and animals.

Turf lawns are known to drain soils of nutrients and therefore require the addition of fertilizers and "feedings" which typically add harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater.

By creating a beautiful oasis planted with native perennials you can help to revive microbes and beneficial bugs within soils, as well as help to clean groundwater; leading to healthier microclimates and more abundant pollinators!

The spaces shown below were all classic, grass turf lawns - which have been converted to gorgeous, fully planted, interesting spaces!

Pollinator Islands that are filled with a variety of gorgeous perennials and shrubs, are not only appealing to the eye, they can also help to create hospitable micro-habitats for a multitude of beneficial bugs, birds, ground-dwellers and other interesting life!

The photo below is a great example of an area converted from

lawn to a Pollinator Friendly Island with walking paths.

Many plants provide both shelter & food sources!

By incorporating a multitude of color and plant shapes you can attract and invite a wide variety of exciting beneficial insects and birds into your own space!

Creating a sanctuary with many layers will provide a safe haven for a wide variety of pollinators.

Smaller insects rely on ground covering plants; while butterflies will roost in shrubs and trees overnight.

We love transforming areas that are void of interest into lively habitats.

Switch from a generic lawn and create a

magical "Pollinator Lawn" with all that space!

Planted spaces help clean our water!

When water is allowed to run through planted landscapes, it typically exits cleaner.

When you choose neonicotinoid free and other pesticide free plants - as well as chemical/pesticide free management practices; you are helping to contribute to cleaner water in your area!!

Benefits of planted spaces for your local pollinators and birds:

  • Provide food

  • Provide shelter

  • Shade from Heat and Weather

  • Water Sources

Some More Facts to Consider:

- Native plants use significantly lower amounts of water than a turf grass area.

- Native perennials send their roots deep into the Earth and are able to absorb much more water and nutrients due to this.

- Most turf grasses send out superficial surface roots that require much more frequent waterings.

Attractive landscaping adds to your curb appeal and can greatly increase your property value!


A front yard lawn conversion to a beautiful, heavily planted space with walking paths to view all areas.

"Nature provides us with economic, ecological, social, physical, psychological and sustenance benefits."

- Beyond The Pond USA

Happy Planting!

- Chante, GM & Lead Gardener

Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

Unless noted, all photos by Chante Ash©


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