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Winter Watering: Your Garden Is Thirsty!

Most people tend to think that once plants go down, or are 'sleeping', during the winter that they don't need water.

However, this is not true!

As temperatures start to dip below freezing, it’s time to turn off irrigation systems and watch perennial garden plants head into dormancy.

But this doesn’t mean you should forget about your over-wintering plants until spring!

While the water needs of a plant decrease significantly during the winter, it is still possible for perennials, shrubs, trees, and their root systems to suffer drought damage.

All plants in your garden could use extra water during the winter months in our Colorado climate.

Consider this: evergreen trees are continually transpiring moisture through their needles all winter long while absorbing our hot sun!

Winter Watering is the best way to ensure a healthy and thriving garden for years to come!

Snowy backyard with an evergreen tree and two ornamental grasses

Snow-cover can provide essential moisture to plants over the winter, but The Front Range of Colorado often has no snow-cover.

Combined with dry air and swinging temperatures, this can lead to exceedingly dry soil, risking damage or even death to areas of root systems.

How do you protect your plants from this root damage?

Winter watering!

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Watering perennials, trees, shrubs, and even lawns during dry spells of the winter can prevent root damage and ensure your garden returns vibrant and strong in the spring.

Some plants to give special attention to are those with shallow root systems, those planted in

exposed areas, and those that are newly established.

Here are some important rules to consider when winter watering:

1. The air and soil temperature should be above 40 degrees F

2. There should be no snow cover

3. Apply mid-day, at the warmest part of the day

4. Water 1-2 times a month during dry spells

5. Leave your hose running at a very low trickle. The size of your tree will determine the amount of time watering needed. (Follow this simple rule of thumb: Measure the trunk diameter at knee height using a ruler or yardstick. Then follow this simple watering formula: tree diameter × five minutes = total watering time.)

6. Make sure your water the full area of the tree’s roots! You will want to focus water at the base of the trunk, as well as the area around its base to a radius of its own canopy (crown)

If you would like to schedule Winter Watering Services please reach out to for more information and pricing!

Or visit our page explaining more about our Gardening Maintenance program!

Don’t forget about your garden this winter!

Keep your roots watered and happy to ensure a long life for your plants.

"The winter requires whoever is doing the watering to have a bit of faith, in order to believe that what looks empty has every potential."

-Fredrik Backman

We are here to help with your Gardening needs all season long!

- Haley Holley, Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

Unless noted, all photos by Chante Ash©

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