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Get Your Kids In The Garden!

I think just about every parent dreams of new and exciting ways to keep their children interacting with Nature and the outdoor world. Here are some tips and ideas to create spaces that invite you and your children out into the sunshine to explore and learn - all while having fun and playing.


This client requested their design in 3D as well, which really gives you the immersive feeling of what the final landscape will look like! This beautiful space features different size climbing stumps, a sand digging area, manual water pump which fills a triple bowl water feature, edible flower/climbing veggie tee pee and so much more!

See a snippet of the 2D design below for more detail about this amazing backyard transformation!

a 2D design focused on children's play and learning areas
Fun Design focused on Kids Play and Learning Spaces!

Draw in pollinators and birds for you and your family to view and enjoy by planting a garden dedicated to pollinators. Planting for pollinators alongside your vegetable beds is a great way to increase your harvest while supporting our native ecosystem. Every garden that switches from traditional landscaping to a more permaculture and natural focus creates a micro environment that supports our birds and beneficial insects.

Winding paths help you to immerse within your garden, giving you different views and involvement with your space. Find your new favorite nook with climbing stumps/boulders that also offer a relaxing space to sit and enjoy your new landscape.

Our Favorites Include

  • Bug ID Stations

  • Living Teepees

  • Climbing Boulders

  • Flagstone "Chalk Boards"

  • Insect Hotels

  • Magnifying Glasses

  • Veggie Beds

  • Horseshoe Pits

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Keyhole Gardens

  • Sand Pit Areas

  • Hammocks

  • Sky Chairs

  • Chicken Coops

  • Bee Hives

...and so many more!

Get your family excited about vegetables by being involved with the entire process!

Grow and eat fresh from the Earth, right out your own back door. Raised vegetable beds make it easy to access your plants, and also offer a child's-eye-view at soil level. Vegetables such as kohlrabi, chard, cabbage and kale - all have such interesting structures to view and learn more about.

Teepees for vines, such as edible flowers or beans, even climbing cucamelons, offer a fun place for kids to 'hide out' and interact with new foods!

Growing herbs like lavender and chamomile have wonderful calming properties in the garden. You can also harvest the flowers and create teas or serve them as a garnish with dinner!

Carrots and other root vegetables are an extra fun addition - while growing you only see the tops, so when you and your children harvest these it's an added surprise to see how big and what color each veggie turns out.

Get the whole family off the tablets and internet

& outside interacting with nature!!

Thank you Rebel, for being our constant inspiration to create a more beautiful and thriving Boulder County. Rebel has been helping us in the garden since he could walk - he loves watering and manning the "big hose". Planting and picking out his favorite flowers are one of my favorite activities to share together.

Rebel has a great eye for design already and creates really interesting rock features and fairy spaces.

Creating dry creeks to help with drainage is another fun way for children to explore and learn about our environment. Having pathways that intersect with the dry creeks and creating stone bridges can be a great opportunity to create 'fairy houses' and 'troll dens' for the imagination to run wild with!

Mushroom logs and berry patches create another interactive way for you and your family to learn more about the foods we all eat so often.

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to the 'ideal' outdoor living space. Spend even more time outside and never miss another sunset while cooking your meals and watching your children playing.

"Incorporating spaces outdoors that invite and call you to spend time within them are a wonderful extension of the home for the whole family."

I hope you find time to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces!!

- Chante, GM & Lead Gardener

Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

All designs ©Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd. - All photos by Chante Ash

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