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Get Your Kids In The Garden pt. 2 - Outdoor play!

One of our favorite ways to get the next generations out of the house and into the garden is through outdoor, nature inspired play areas!

Climbing tree stumps and boulders, gravel digging areas, edible gardens to harvest and snack while on-the-go, pumps to fill up buckets, climbing bean teepees, docks for jumping into sand pits and labyrinths to expand the mind.

A large tunnel made of concrete for kids to play. Covered with clover for beauty and pollinators

There are so many different aspects to an outdoor garden that can create beauty, and fun at the same time.

Where a little ones sees a giant bouldering option, we can utilize that as a sitting space to hangout and watch our children exploring their space.

Kids nature play inspired yard with a tunnel, climbing logs and a sitting log

Kids nature play climbing logs with a hidden fairy house

We can create pockets to explore that let their imagination soar, while adding interest and beauty to your landscape.

Kids climbing stumps with a dock and sand pit

Climbing stumps that lead to a dock with a sand pit to jump into!

sand pit for children's nature play

The sandpit is also great for digging and burying/excavating!

Raised vegetable bed

Raised planting beds are a great way to engage with your children in both a

fun and life-long skill building environment!

Teach your children the importance of growing food organically, locally and sustainably from the comfort of your own yard! The raised beds also make it easier to view the growth of the plants and foods at each stage. Creating a really unique and interesting "classroom"!

The options, and opportunities, to engage with your children and the outdoor world are endless!

We look forward to exploring more options that will fit your family *perfectly* in the future!!

I hope you find time to explore and enjoy all the interesting spaces just outside your door!

- Chante, Director of Operations

Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

Sitting boulders with a free library and edible foraging area

Sitting boulders with a Free Library and edible plants for neighbors & kids to forage!

All designs, photos and installations ©Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

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