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Wild Heritage:In Harmony With Nature

Wild Heritage is committed to making a difference for our community and the global wellbeing.

Through all natural & organic, no chemical - neonicotinoid free, techniques we are able to protect pollinators & water sources. We are dedicated to working in the permaculture way and habitat gardening.

Follow along this blog and our Instagram page to learn more about how we are doing that!

What do we do different?

Wild Heritage is a landscape company with a conscious.

Never a chemical; dedicated to Natural Land Solutions.

Pollinator, People, Pet, Water & Whole Earth Friendly.

We are part of a revolution in an industry gone astray.

- 100% Natural

- Neonicotinoid Free

- Love Based

We Love to Create:

  • Pollinator & Bird Gardens

  • Permaculture Designs & Installations

  • Rain Gardens

  • Bioswales

  • Pergolas

  • Native Perennial Gardens

  • Patios & Paths

  • Bee Lawns

  • Yard Restoration/Renovation

  • Xeric & Low Water Gardens


We are here to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Through beautifying with ethical practices and awareness of the environment that surround our community.

Partnering with like-minded clients, organizations and companies - we can all create a difference.

Be on the lookout for these being highlighted in posts to come!

Here are some resources to look at to get started:

If you're looking for, or questioning if a plant is Native, this is a wonderful resource!

I hope these resources can help you start your journey!

WHG will be adding many more links and a ton of information as this blog grows.

Happy Dreams of Blooms & Pollinators to come!

- Chante, GM & Lead Gardener

Wild Heritage Gardens, Ltd.

All photos by Chante Ash©

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